The State of the (Agency)Nation – Looking in 2021

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Join us alongside the AAR, BIMA, Pimento and ALF as we reflect on a turmoil year and what we can expect going into 2021

About this Event

These 4 are some of the most connected people to UK agencies and therefore on the pulse of what’s what. Who better to listen to and reflect on a year of turmoil and look to what might lie ahead.

We want to explore how these incredible organisations have propped up the UK creative sector in 2020 and share some of the insights that paint a picture for 2021.

What trends have emerged and which could be here to stay?
What research have they conducted this year and the results?
What great examples of creativity have been shown?
Talk to us about displays of generosity, kindness and compassion.
What have they all got planned for 2021?
What’s the best advice they can give agencies right now?



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Tue, 08 Dec 2020
11:00 - 00:30


City of London




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