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About BIMA

BIMA Beat is a platform for digital creatives to showcase their work, driven by BIMA’s Creative Council, Sony Music UK’s 4th Floor Creative and Spotify. It’s simple: the creative council announces a theme, creatives can submit their digital-based work based on that theme whether it be a previous project or something brand new, and the best work is showcased on our Instagram channel.

We also host a quarterly event highlighting the best of the best with some incredible & inspiring speakers from across the industry.


Web 2021
From next-gen editorial to immersive storytelling, from the smartest mobile experiences to the most interactive WebGL environments, from the coolest CSS trickery to surprising JavaScript interactivity, from the interest graph to Web 3.0 decentralisation.

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How It Works

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How it works:
  1. BIMA’s Creative Council set a theme for the quarter.
  2. Creatives far and wide submit their digital work be it through video, images, website, blueprint, app and beyond based on that theme. Whether it’s newly created, an old project, or just an idea, as long as it’s grounded in digital, it’s good to go!
  3. We showcase the work on our instagram channel
  4. At the end of the quarter, BIMA’s Creative Council, along with Sony Music UK’s 4th Floor Creative and Spotify choose their favourite pieces of work and celebrate them at a showcase event in London with the industry’s most important creative community.If you want to get involved with BIMA Beat and submit work for the next theme, please click here.


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