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BIMA’s SHIMA initiative aims to mobilise its members to ‘mend the gap’ and overcome gender and other equality gaps, creating inclusive workplaces and increasing business performance for everyone. SHIMA aims to be the voice of women, those who identify as women.

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What is it about?

The SHIMA initiative is designed for anyone in tech to address key challenges and opportunities at various stages of a woman’s career. Unfortunately, women in the digital and tech industry still have a way to go to reach their full potential and equity.

SHIMA recognises the urgency of these issues and is committed to mobilising the industry towards gender equality and inclusive workplaces.

At its core, SHIMA aims to provide women-led and women-focused content, acknowledging the importance of representation and support. With half of our membership comprising women, SHIMA plays a crucial role in bridging the gender gap across all levels of tech organisations.

Join SHIMA today to be part of a vibrant community that offers online and in-person events, content and the support of SHIMA Champions and Ambassadors.

Who is it for?

SHIMA is for everyone: women in digital & tech, those who identify as women, and women allies. We want to ensure that we have as many men as possible included in the SHIMA initiative, as we believe men also play a crucial role in advancing gender equality in tech.

Engaging men in discussions about implementing new initiatives for women in the workplace can foster a culture of support. Highlighting male role models who have championed diversity and inclusion efforts can inspire others to follow suit.

How can you get involved?
  • Attend our events: Come along to network, learn, and contribute to the community.
  • Become an Ambassador: Join us as an ambassador to represent SHIMA and advocate for gender equality in the tech industry.
  • Speaking Opportunities: Share your expertise and insights by speaking at SHIMA events and participating in panel discussions.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Support our initiatives and activities by becoming a sponsor, helping us further our mission for gender equality in tech.

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SHIMA Champions are those who are willing to create content, share resources, host or chair events or be part of our communications campaigns.

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