Maninder Paul

Paid Media Consultant


  • Client Services
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Design & Creative


Hi, I am Maninder Paul and I have over two decades of B2B marketing experience working both in-house for agencies and corporates. I recofnised the potential of digital advertising early on and have been at the forefront of helping our clients save money, time, and, most importantly, create impact.

My core expertise lies in running ads across LinkedIn, META, and Google (but we’re not limited to these platforms) which deliver a unique value proposition for B2B businesses. I have worked with some of the leading companies and digital agencies within the Tech, Professional Services and Property Sectors with budgets ranging from £2k-30K a month.

I am highly passionate about staying ahead of the curve and constantly learning, growing, and sharing knowledge. This means my clients don’t have to spend time learning the ins and outs of each platform.

I would love to connect with BIMA members and collaborate on projects.