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Digital Day

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Digital Day 2019

What is Digital Day 2020?

The only initiative of its kind, BIMA Digital Day gives 11-16 year olds an insight into a world of digital careers. Students compete in a sponsored, nationwide digital challenge for a chance to win £500 cash for their school and some fantastic prizes for themselves.

Why Does Digital Day Matter?

It’s a day that brings digital to life. And if previous years are anything to go by, it’s a day that changes lives. Not so long ago, 95% of BIMA members told us a lack of skills was holding back their growth. The Centre for Economics and Business Research agreed, saying the shortage of tech and digital talent is costing the UK £21.8bn.

Pandemic aside, digital has been growing at twice the rate of the broader economy. But unless we fix the skills shortage, that can’t continue. Digital Day works for schools. It works for students. It works for the sector as a whole in encouraging more young people to discover the potential of a digital career. And with every passing year, it matters more than ever.

As you might expect, this year’s Digital Day will look and feel rather different. If you’ve been part of the day before, here’s how it’s changed in light of Covid:

A Digital Day Done Differently

Open To Everyone

This year we will not be going into schools, we will be running Digital Day online. This means that everyone gets the same access to top professional expertise. So wherever you are in the UK, getting involved is easy.


Digital Day Month

We love the creative burst of doing Digital Day in a day. Yet moving online has enabled us to do more this year, with 4 weekly modules throughout November. For your students, that means they enjoy greater depth and detail. For your school, it means you can shift and schedule activities to suit you – because we know how important flexibility is right now.

One Big Brief

All students will be working to a single brief this year, although the scope of that brief will be big enough to include several scenarios (so students still get plenty of choice and flexibility in their approach). We’re excited to say that we’ll be announcing our Digital Day partner for this year soon.

Well Supported

Coronavirus restrictions prevent us from sending digital professionals into your school this year, so we’ve designed the challenge accordingly and you should find the online support is all you’ll need to complete it. If, however, you’d like the support of the agency you worked with last year – or another local company – you’re free to approach them and we’ll provide guidance on how to do that.

How Does it Work?


Schools Register Here

How does it work?

It’s simple. Just register your school here and we will provide all the assets and materials you need to run the sessions.

The first session will be the launch on 3 November. Here we will announce the challenge and your BIMA digital month can then begin.

Please note, this year we will not be pairing you with an agency/company.

Dates for your diary

Digital Day 2020 is heading online for a month of digital inspiration.

Digital Day Week 1 – Launch  -3 November at 10-11 am

In week 1 starting 3 November at 10 am, every participating school will receive their big brand challenge from this year’s Digital Day sponsor. Then, for each of the three remaining weeks in November, our experts will host a session designed to help them meet the challenge, complete the scenarios and understand more about the world of digital.

Digital Day Week 2 – Discover  – 10 November

How do you design a product or service that delivers? This session will explore ways of understanding your customers and the market, so you can steer your thinking in the right direction and produce something that really makes a difference.

Digital Day Week 3 – Design  – 17 November 

How do you turn a great idea into something that works brilliantly for users? In this session, industry experts will explore ways of turning clever concepts into reality.

Digital Day Week 4 – Deliver – 24 November 2020 

How do you make your product a success? Even the best product needs to sell itself. So in this final session, you’ll explore ways of ensuring that, once you’ve created something amazing, everyone wants to buy it.

Although we’ll be running each session as a live event (so you can ask questions), we’ll be recording them too, giving your school complete flexibility to run the programme as you wish.

Is it completely free?

Yes! BIMA provides you with all the assets you need – including the challenge sheets and presentation.

How many students need to be involved?

This one is completely up to you. Typically, we see class sizes of 30–40 students, but there have been instances where classes could be smaller (anything from 5) to much much bigger (100+).

Do we need computers?

The bottom line is no. A computer or tablet is useful, to be able to research online or look for information, however the challenge is primarily looking for great ideas.

You will need a room with a screen to show the videos that we have lined up for the sessions. Alternatively, you will be able to share the video link/address with the students. You will need one computer to submit the winning challenge.

Will it be a full school day?

No! We ask schools to keep 1 hour free each week during November to complete the challenge.  Every Tuesday throughout November we will release the next session video. Students will then be given the opportunity to submit questions to industry experts.

How many entries can a school make?

One entry per school can be submitted into the National competition.

What's the deadline for submission?

After the final online session, you’ll have 2 weeks to complete and submit your entry.

How should we submit our entry?

We’re only accepting entries submitted digitally. If, however, your entry includes drawings, models or other physical elements, we will accept jpg photos of them.

When will you announce the results?

Our judges will be working hard to review every entry promptly. We aim to announce the results by mid-December.


Is the change of format permanent?

No. We’re excited about the online possibilities of this year’s Digital Day, but we know there’s no substitute for the in-person experience. At this stage, we’re very much hoping Digital Day 2021 will be back to normal.

Got a Question?

We actively encourage you to ask us questions throughout the process. We have a team of industry experts available to answer your questions.

Please email with your questions and we will reply very quickly.

Good luck.

Agencies and Brands

There are a number of ways agencies and brands can get involved this year. Unlike previous years’ we will not be sending you into schools but we are looking for support in other ways.

Please contact to find out more.

Digital Day 2021
We’re already getting exciting about once again being able to pair schools with local digital professionals and setting them to work on next year’s challenges. To stay informed about Digital Day 2021, register now.

Register for Digital Day 2021

EPAM - Our Challenge Sponsor

We are delighted to have EPAM on board once again as our Industry Challenge Sponsor. EPAM is a global technology company, combining award-winning consultancy, creative and design experience with leading-edge engineering.

EPAM is dedicated to inspiring young people to choose a career in digital. They actively invest in the education of future EPAM professionals and provide special support to those who are just starting their careers. To discover more please visit their website here.

Your Digital Day Hosts

Your hosts will be with you every step of the way. They will guide you through each stage of the challenge online. All of our hosts have vast industry experience and we hope they will inspire you to consider a job in the Digital and Tech Industry,

Industry Supporters

A big thank you to our industry supporters who each year devote a huge amount of time to supporting Digital Day. This year our supporters will be delivering your content and will be available online to answer your Digital Day questions.

Challenge Sponsors