Digital Day

One day makes a world of difference

13 November 2024. Sign ups close on Friday 23rd August 2024.

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Digital Day

One day makes a world of difference

13 November 2024. Sign ups close on Friday 23rd August 2024.

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What is Digital Day?

The only initiative of its kind, BIMA Digital Day gives 11-16 year olds an insight into a world of digital careers. Students get to meet digital experts and compete in a sponsored, nationwide digital challenge for a chance to win £500 cash for their school and some fantastic prizes for themselves. Digital Day 2024 is on Wednesday 13th November.

Sign ups close on Friday 23rd August 2024.

Why Does Digital Day Matter?

It’s a day that brings digital to life. And if previous years are anything to go by, it’s a day that changes lives. Not so long ago, 95% of BIMA members told us a lack of skills was holding back their growth. The Centre for Economics and Business Research agreed, saying the shortage of tech and digital talent is costing the UK £21.8bn.

In the last few years, digital has been growing at twice the rate of the broader economy; but unless we fix the skills shortage, that can’t continue. Digital Day works for schools, it works for students, and it works for the sector as a whole in encouraging more young people to discover the potential of a digital career. And with every passing year, it matters more than ever.

How does it work for Schools?


Sign up to Digital Day 2024 today!

Sign ups close on Friday 23rd August 2024.

How does it work?

It’s simple, just register your school and we will match you with a local agency that will attend the school on 8th November. BIMA will provide all the assets and materials you need to run the sessions.


Is it completely free?

Yes! BIMA provides you with all the assets you need – including the challenge sheets and presentation.

How many students need to be involved?

This one is completely up to you. Typically, we see class sizes of 30–40 students, but there have been instances where classes could be smaller (anything from 5) to much much bigger (100+).

Do we need computers?

The bottom line is no. A computer or tablet is useful, to be able to research online or look for information, however the challenge is primarily looking for great ideas.

You will need a room with a screen to show the videos that we have lined up for the sessions. Alternatively, you will be able to share the video link/address with the students. You will need one computer to submit the winning challenge.

Will it be a full school day?

Yes, we ask you to keep the whole day free for Digital Day on 8 November 2023.

How many entries can a school make?

One winning entry for each challenge brief per school can be submitted into the National competition.

How should we submit our entries?

After Digital Day, please post your school’s winning submission to the address on your challenge sheet.

If your students decide to create a PowerPoint as their submission, please email it to us at

How does it work for companies


Sign up to Digital Day 2024 today!

Sign ups close on Friday 23rd August 2024.

How does it work?

Once you have signed up we will pair you with a local school for the day. We will also provide you with all the assets and materials you need to run the day, all you need to is get in touch with your school to say hello! You then head back to school for the day on 8 November 2023 to help facilitate the day and help students to complete their challenges.

Will it be a full day?

Yes! We ask agencies to keep the whole day on 8 November free for Digital Day. There is a presentation in the morning that will last an hour and the challenges should take up the rest of the day. Please do not plan anything else in for the day.

How many people should I send?

We ask that agencies send a minimum of two people, however, a good rule of thumb is approx. one person for every 15 students so it is important to find out from your school how many pupils are taking part. If there are more students taking part than is feasible for you, then please let BIMA know so we can send in another agency as well.

What assets do I receive on the day?

Schools will receive their challenge sheets in the post at the beginning of November so keep an eye on your post box. Everything else that you need will be sent to you by email so keep an eye on your inbox.

What do the challenges look like?

The challenges change every year but they are always sponsored by brands and focus on real-life issues. To give you an idea, the 2021’s challenge issued by WWF was about climate change, the greatest environmental challenge the world has ever faced. The students were asked to use technology and digital solutions to make it easier for people to understand the true environmental footprint of products and services, allowing households, schools, universities and businesses to make choices that are good for the planet.

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EPAM - Our Challenge Sponsor

We are delighted to have EPAM on board once again as our Industry Challenge Sponsor. EPAM is a global technology company, combining award-winning consultancy, creative and design experience with leading-edge engineering.

EPAM is dedicated to inspiring young people to choose a career in digital. They actively invest in the education of future EPAM professionals and provide special support to those who are just starting their careers. To discover more please visit their website here.

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