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Applications now open for September 2020

For mentors there’s nothing quite like it. If you’re in a position to mentor and currently aren’t then you need to ask yourself, why not?

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Harry knew that through BIMA he would be able to discuss the issues he was facing “openly and honestly, with someone with credibility and an experienced ear.

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Mentoring with BIMA

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Or are you tackling the latest road block in your agency’s growth? Our established Mentoring Programme is the perfect way to build, clarify and develop your strategy for the next level.

Or are you ready to pay it back and use your experience to build the talent and skills within our digital community? Being a mentor helps develop your own skills and introduces you to new and exciting collaborations.

How Mentoring Works

What is BIMA’s Mentoring Programme?

This is a six-month programme that supports all levels of talent development in the digital industry. Mentees are matched with a compatible mentor from another organisation, based on experience and interest area and no more than two ‘levels’ higher up.

Is this for you?

Applications to the programme, as a mentor or mentee, are welcome from anyone at any level and in any role however this is a BIMA member-only opportunity.

Why would it benefit me?

For employers it’s a cost-effective way to invest in the future of your people. It brings new ideas and experiences, whether you provide mentors or mentees, and drives internal mentoring and coaching skills.

For individuals mentoring offers unique access to a pool of time-served knowledge that you can harness for your own and your team’s development.

Next step?

The next available cohort will start in September, and submissions are now open.

Please note: mentees will be invoiced an administration fee of £395+VAT.

Case Study
My BIMA Mentoring Experience by Harry Gadsby, Focal Point Media

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Case Study
My BIMA Mentoring Experience by AK Connor, Brand Manager at Audible

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Case Study
My BIMA Mentoring Experience by Richard Robinson, MD at Econsultancy

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About the process

How are mentors and mentees matched?

Mentors and mentees are matched using the information on the applications forms, so it’s important to provide as much information as you can. The all-important matching process is carried out by our Mentoring Council – a team of very experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are happy to provide their expertise to further the community and be at the end of a call or email to support participants. Where necessary the Mentoring Council will be in touch for more information.

Why do mentees pay £395+VAT?

We do charge a fee to be mentored on our programme, albeit a small one. It acts as a contribution to the cost of the initial marketing and the organisation and venue hire for the kick-off sessions, then the ongoing personalised support, resources and education material, as well as the overall administration of the six-month programme. It’s a fairly resource intensive programme overall.

How do I track my progress?

Your goals or aims and objectives are unique to you and you and your mentor should decide what you want to achieve together over the six months. We provide a variety resources and guidelines to help you and organise a kick-off session, which you are expected to attend, where we outline most of the information you will need for your journey. There is always someone from the Mentoring Council on the end of an email or call to help out.

  Are the mentors volunteers?

Yes, the mentors are BIMA members and give their time for free to help other BIMA members and develop the community. Often mentors get as much from the programme as mentees and we regularly get amazing feedback on how it has helped them in both their work life and personal development.

What if I want to change my matched mentor or mentee?

The Mentoring Council take a great deal of time considering the requirements of each mentee as well as examining the skills and experience each mentor can provide, so if the person you are matched with is not quite what you expected on paper – please don’t be put off.

We recommend that you have a chat and discuss your expectations and almost always this will be enough to reassure you. A mentor from the previous cohort told us: “On paper I wasn’t really sure how I could help him, but when we met, I think I have a lot of support I can offer.”


I came to the conclusion that I needed to talk to someone with insight into my situation. I knew that through BIMA I would be able to discuss the issues I was facing “openly and honestly, with someone with credibility and an experienced ear.
Harry Gadsby, Focal Point Media