Single customer view – the missing piece of the puzzle?

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Getting your data strategy right is crucial for achieving your objectives and delivering success.

Yet as customer touchpoints become ever more complex, data collection becomes more fragmented, increasing the risk of a disjointed customer view. Rich first party data is key to achieving a deep understanding of customer behaviour and the personalised interactions consumers expect – but how can you use this data to deliver competitive advantage? And is a customer data platform (CDP) now an essential part of the digital and marketing technology roadmap?

In this webinar for UK agencies, large enterprise partners and in-house marketing teams, Acquia and experts from the BIMA Data Council will explore the role of the CDP. They’ll examine why marketers are struggling with customer data and what CDPs can do to address this. And they will cut through the complexities of this space, providing advice on how to navigate it, key cases for adoption, alternatives, and how to make the right choices.


If we are to truly personalise customer interactions and build stronger relationships we need to have a deep understanding of customer behaviour. And we can’t do that without a better understanding of our data.

Yet that remains an enormous challenge. ‘Dirty data’ is everywhere. Too much of it remains siloed. And multiple customer profiles further muddy waters and cause confusion.

We need a better, more strategic approach and a CDP is a growing part of this, offering a solution to long-existing challenges: turning customer data into a single source of the truth and making data accessible for insight and action.

But is a CDP right for you? How do you pick the right vendor? How do you harness its full potential? And what will the potential paybacks look like?

In this session, we’ll look to answer all of these questions and more.

Please note: As this is a joint event your data will be shared with both BIMA and Acquia.

Our Speakers:

Omer Artun

Omer is the Chief Science Officer at Acquia. He officially joined Acquia in December 2019 when Acquia bought AgilOne, which Omer founded in 2006. AgilOne is the Customer data and Engagement hub built for modern marketers as it allows them to analyse, understand and predict customer behaviour so that the customer receives personalised messages, offerings, pricing, emails to suit them. This is achieved through AI, Machine Learning and data management capabilities.

Eric Fullerton

Eric Fullerton is the Lead Product Evangelist for Acquia’s suite of open digital experience products. Eric’s passion solving for the future of digital comes from living it firsthand for the past 10 years.

Eric has been navigating the divide between people, process, and technology at small organizations and global tech giants alike as he continues his journey to excite employees and engage customers through the power of digital marketing.

Will Lowe, Chief Data Officer at ENGINE

Will Lowe is ENGINE’s Chief Data Officer, consulting organisations on customer-centricity, value creation from data, data science, data regulations and marketing technology. Will is passionate about combining data with original ideas to create more profitable relationships between organisations and their customers. ENGINE supports organisations in developing their data and technology strategies and implementing and gaining value from martech platforms.

Will’s career began in marketing with Nestle and Diageo before he joined dunnhumby where he spent ten years helping global retailers and brands become more customer-centric and monetise their customer data. Will was also the Managing Director of Callcredit’s (now Transunion) Marketing Division, a credit bureau which is one of the UK’s largest consumer data and digital marketing businesses.

Lisa Cousins, Director, Business Strategy at Huge

Lisa Cousins is Director, Business Strategy at Huge. She partners with clients and teams to identify opportunities, define strategies and align organisations to create value for users and the bottom line. Her experience at Huge has spanned across SaaS, financial services, real estate, entertainment and retail, with a focus on new lines of business, new products, and business transformation.

In addition to serving as a member of the BIMA Data Council, Lisa is an Ambassador for Women in Innovation’s London chapter, and a Global Lead for the Huge Womxn affinity group.

Prior to Huge, Lisa led strategic projects for diverse businesses including startups, Disney Parks & Resorts, and Oliver Wyman. Lisa has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary.

Our host:

Paul Moss, Head of Data Strategy at VCCP, BIMA Data Council Chair

Paul is the Head of Data Strategy at VCCP CX, the customer experience division at VCCP, where he leads a team of data strategists, analysts and technical solutions experts. His career started in the early 90’s in analytics, building predictive analytics models at American Express.

Most of his career has been at the forefront of the growth of data and analytics for a number of leading communications agencies in the UK across advertising, direct and digital channels. His skills now cover a broad range of data applications for customer experience strategies, advanced predictive analytics, marketing technologies, database strategies, data intelligence and optimisation.

His client sector experience is extensive and includes Telco, Retail, Media, FS, Public Sector, Travel and Utilities. Over his long career, projects have been varied; recent projects under his leadership include the development and deployment of customer engagement strategies, building accelerated analytics solutions and implementation of digital platform optimisation.

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Thu, 18 Jun 2020
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