Inclusion in Financial Services

Welcome to the second event in our Serving the Underserved series, created to shine a light on audiences that financial services have typically overlooked.

During these sessions you’ll not only be inspired to more deeply consider the needs of these commercially lucrative markets, you’ll also have actionable steps for building propositions and brand experiences for targeted engagement.

This time around we’ll be discussing inclusion in financial services and how a new wave of niche banks are raising the benchmark for what good looks like for the entire industry.

The past few years have brought about social upheaval in ways many of us never imagined. It’s easy to attribute the rise of niche banks to this cultural backdrop but the reality is that one-size-fits-all banking is no longer sustainable.

That said, niche banks face their own challenges. By their very nature, niche banks risk ‘othering’ the same communities they were built to serve. Then there’s the question of revenue. With a firm cap on how much they can scale, niche banks must look to provide value through adjacent products and services.

Dulcie Omonubi, Engine’s Director of Innovation and Growth Consulting will sit down with guest panellists Samantha Gould, Now Pensions and Dave Jackson, Engine Transformation to discuss and debate everything from product and service design, to customer experience and inclusion in order to understand what can be done by the industry to better serve these audiences.

– Dulcie Omonubi, Director of Innovation and Growth Consulting at Engine Creative
– Samantha Gould, Head of PR and Campaigns at Now Pensions
– Dave Jackson, Director – Service Design at Engine Transformation



Wed, 10 Nov 2021
10:00 - 11:00


City of London




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