Immersive Technology for Health and Wellbeing

Alder Hey Connector

Alder Hey Connector provides an opportunity for our partners to connect with Alder Hey and one another. This is a joint event between Juice Immersive, BIMA and Immersive Liverpool.

Immersive Technology for Health and Wellbeing.

1st June 2018, 3-5pm

From visualising clinical processes and procedures, to experiential training for health practitioners and patient centred interventions, immersive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, have huge potential for disrupting the way we think about healthcare.

This event, in collaboration with BIMA, Immersive Liverpool and Alder Hey Innovation Hub will be exploring the wide ranging impacts of immersive technology in the health and clinical sector. Ranging from applocations consumer health, to training environments and surgical innovations. We’ll hear from a range of innovators from around the Liverpool City Region


Alder Hey Innovation Hub will talk about their programmes and ways that they can support businesses in develop innovations, products and services for the NHS, clinical and health markets.

Dr Rafael Guerero, Director of Heart Unit, Alder Hey Childrens Hospital. A surgeon who is working develop novel ways that use AR and VR for surgical heart analysis and procedures.

Immersive Interactive are the UK’s leading provider of fully immersive learning spaces in both education and emergency service sectors. They provide virtual learning spaces that are fully interactive and multisensory. Utilising bespoke content, their rooms create unique educational and training experiences that are both effective and memorable. They will have a set up of their Immersive Space—which is a cutting edge learning tool that engages users through sight, sound, smell, and touch; in addition to providing unique collaboration.

Paul Duval, University of Liverpool Medical School will showcase and talk about the potential of VR in Medical Education. Paul has recently been working on a project called ‘Virtual Immersive Clinical Simulation (VICS)’ exploring how the experiential benefits of virtual reality can take classroom and simulation based learning to another level in clinical training.

Arjun Panesar, Diabetes UK, will be presenting their virtual reality projects Exploring relationships with food, for education around Type One Diabetes. Current research indicates fluctuating glucose levels in children with diabetes may be associated with corresponding fluctuations in brain volume. The Type 1 Program addresses this by using a reinforcement learning approach to VR gamification to explore relationships with food.

ImmerseUK is a cross-sector network for businesses, research and educational organisations across the UK that are interested in immersive technologies, including augmented, virtual and mixed realities. They will be talking about the work they have been doing in encouraging innovation in immersive technology, as well as the findings of UK wide research project mapping the Immersive Economy.

As well as these companies, there will also be a range of demonstrations set up to showcase the work coming out of the Merseyside region and beyond. If you would like to come and showcase a project please contact Owen/Pete.


Fri, 01 Jun 2018
14:00 - 16:00


Alder Hey Children's Hospital,
North West

Innovation Hub Alder Hey Children’s Hospital East Prescot Road Liverpool L14 5AB



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