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Does Client Services have an issue with Diversity?


Whilst our industry continues to struggle with a talent shortage, many are putting a focus on filling up the funnel with a focus of graduates and STEM, but are we spending enough time understanding why people are leaving our industry and how we can support and retain talent by creating a more inclusive environment?


With 66%* of us feeling stressed by our work, only 15%* of us being over 45 and 69%* of us being white british, does Client Services suffer from the same challenges with diversity and inclusion that the rest of the digital industry does.

No longer only the responsibility of our people and culture teams, it falls upon everyone to create a diverse and inclusive working environment, one where our colleagues and peers feel that they can thrive for years to come, and not just get through another quarter.

Topics to be discussed:

How stressed are our teams and colleagues?

How easy do we make it for returning parents?

Can we reverse the brain drain of colleagues moving in-house or going freelance?

Is it always an all white female cast?

Is this for you?

Join Katy White, Client Director at Dept Agency to kick off the year and discuss Diversity in our sector and learn more about the findings from BIMAs Tech Inclusion and Diversity Report. Please join us if you are involved in BIMA and work in any way in a Client Services or PM role.

*Stats taken from the 2019 BIMA Tech inclusion and diversity report

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Mon, 24 Feb 2020
17:30 - 19:00



Whitworth Street #9th Floor, Manchester, M1 6LT


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