An Audience With: Tom Cheesewright, How To Future Proof Your Business

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Grab a drink and join us for an inspiring, informal evening webinar

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“In our uncertain times, leaders who keep their focus on the future will be the ones who prevail.” Tom Cheesewright, Future-Proof Your Business

In a change to the regular format, we’re asking members to grab a glass of their favourite tipple and join us for an inspiring and informal evening webinar with applied futurist Tom Cheesewright who, in a 20 minute conversation with digital media entrepreneur Herb Kim, will be extracting some of the positives from the current situation, including the fact that now is the perfect time to rethink and rebuild our organisations.

The session, appropriate to all sizes of business, will explore decision-making, foresight and structure. Tom will also be sharing some of the industry techniques revealed in his new book, Future-Proof Your Business, to help you:

• Scan the near horizon for incoming shocks

• Look to the far future to define long-term strategy

• Accelerate decision-making in your business

• Delegate power to the front line, speeding your response

• Streamline your organisation so it’s agile and can adapt to change


“It has never been more important for business leaders to look to the future. Yet, when we are living through some of the most uncertain times we have ever faced, it can feel daunting to know where to start.”

It’s incredibly hard for any business, let alone micro-businesses, to build in contingencies for the sort of crisis we’re currently experiencing. So what can you do? If the pandemic has left you feeling adrift, this session of practical advice and positive thinking is the perfect antidote.


Tom Cheesewright is one of the UK’s leading futurist speakers, commentators and consultants on technology and tomorrow. You’ll have seen and heard him on TV and radio across the BBC, Channel 4, 5 and Sky News. His new book, Future-Proof Your Business launches 14 April on Kindle, shortly followed by audiobook, and in print 30 July.

Herb Kim is a researcher of technologists, innovators, creatives and thought leaders and represents Newcastle University Business School as its current David Goldman Visiting Professor of Innovation & Enterprise. He is also the founder & CEO of Thinking Digital Limited.

Our Speaker:

Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist

Tom Cheesewright is a speaker who scares and inspires people in equal measure, with his clear and powerful stories of tomorrow. With his unique ‘Futurist’s Toolkit’ he can turn his analytical eye on any industry, impressing the audience with his deep understanding and giving them a unique take on where they are heading.

Tom Cheesewright is the Applied Futurist, helping people and organisations around the world to see the future more clearly, share their vision, and respond with innovation. Tom will help you and your audience to connect tomorrow’s world to today’s experience, and make sense of what’s happening next, and why.

Tom’s clients include global 500 corporations, government departments, industry bodies and charities. Using a unique set of tools that he developed, and now teaches and licenses to others, Tom finds the critical intersections between today’s macro trends and the existing stresses in each client’s organisation and sector.

Our Host:

Herb Kim, Founder of Thinking Digital Conference & TEDxManchester

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Herb is best known as Founder of the long-running Thinking Digital Conference. Thinking Digital which recently celebrated its 12th Anniversary in May.

In addition to Thinking Digital, Herb is the Founder of TEDxManchester, TEDxLiverpool, TEDxNewcastle & TEDxSheffield. He is a Trustee for the Sage Gateshead Music Centre and the 2019/20 Visiting Professor of Innovation & Enterprise at Newcastle University Business School. He is a former Board Director for Tech Nation and the Founding Chairman for Tech North.

In 2014, Buzzfeed included Herb on its list of “Geordie Heroes”. In 2012, Wired Magazine included Herb as one it’s Wired 100 top tech industry influencers. In 2011, The Guardian named Herb as one of its Top 100 most influential media figures.

Herb earned his MBA from the Wharton School of Business and his undergraduate degree from Princeton University. He moved to the UK in 1997 and is currently based between Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle. He’s a proud father to a 14yo daughter.

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Thu, 23 Apr 2020
18:30 - 19:20




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