Pimento BD Club: How to Productise Your Agency for New Business Growth

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The need for having your own products that you can take to clients is essential to help you open doors. Yet many agencies do not do this right. Join Patrick Woods, Founder of Pimento Fuse, as he explores how to build value into your products.


Andrew Martin

Co-Founder of A Few Good People


Wed, 26 Jun 2024
11:00 - 12:00


Online (Zoom),
City of London





Pimento is a full service agency, supported by the UK’s largest community of independent digital & marketing agencies and consultants.

Pimento creates bespoke marketing solutions for clients, breaking the mould of traditional agency approaches. 

We are a multi-discipline blend of 175 different independent agencies, founders, drivers, consultants, richly experienced team players and innovators in their field, to help clients see around corners.

We build teams from scratch, think around a client’s business or marketing challenge, and select the best partners for any task, with a central hub to manage the resources on your behalf if and as required.

All flowing from an 18-year track record of positive disruption, tackling pain points and championing collaborative works of working for the very largest and smallest of brands and businesses. 



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