BIMA AI Peer Network Roundtable | Strategic Alignment and Transformation

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This roundtable is ideal for anyone who wants to explore trends and share advice on the latest AI developments.

Online Only Event.

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This session on Strategic Alignment and Transformation addresses the pressing need for aligning strategic goals with business objectives in the evolving AI landscape. Highlighted by previous attendees as a key concern, this topic is vital for navigating the challenges and opportunities within the design industry. The session will explore how to achieve meaningful transformation while ensuring that teams are engaged and supported throughout the process.

Target audience:

  • Design directors and managers
  • CX and UX specialists
  • Digital transformation consultants
  • Agency leaders and practitioners
  • AI and technology enthusiasts within the design field


Understanding Strategic Alignment:
Gain insights into the importance of aligning strategic goals with business objectives in the context of AI.

Exploring Transformation Practices:
Discuss effective transformation practices that ensure both organisational and employee needs are met.

Sharing Industry Experiences:
Provide a platform for attendees to share their experiences, challenges, and successes in strategic alignment and transformation.

Collaborative Problem-Solving:
Facilitate discussions in smaller groups to dive deeper into specific aspects, such as employee experience, operating models, and ethical considerations.

Actionable Insights:
Conclude with key takeaways and actionable steps to implement in your own practices and organisations.

Limited to 12 attendees to allow for discussion. Chatham House Rules applies and places are strictly limited to one per organisation.

Speaker lineup:

Raymond Manookian, Director, of CX Transformations, Zone Digital

With over 20 years of award-winning creative experience, Ray has transitioned from a classic and modern design background to become a pioneering design leader with a focus on humanity-centric design and transformative experiences. His expertise lies at the nexus of human and digital technology interactions, where business strategy and design converge.


While passionate about all aspects of design, Ray is particularly fascinated by the potential of AI to revolutionise the customer experience, and he eagerly explores its role in shaping the future of humanity-centred design.

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Wed, 14 Aug 2024
10:30 - 11:30


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