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We create real and sustainable impact on the inclusivity and diversity of the digital industry. We hold members accountable and inspire them to act.

About the council

We want a digital industry we can feel proud of – one that is as forward thinking in the way in deals with issues of inclusion and diversity as it is with technology. The BIMA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council was established to ensure we lead the charge.


Whether challenging racism or sexual harassment, eliminating the gender pay bias, or creating positive workspaces where everyone feels valued, we’re working with organisations and individuals to make the digital industry a place we all want to work.



Council Co-Chair

Joanne Ralfe,

Jo learnt her trade in the TV production studios of Rapid Blue, in South Africa before making her way to London’s agency land.

She started in resourcing and earned her ‘Swiss army knife’ nickname for the determination and creative ways she finds solutions to production and scheduling problems whilst increasing staff retention and profits at TMW, M&C Saatchi and LIDA.

Jo rapidly got promoted to Head of Operations at LIDA where she reported directly to the CEO and is now Head of Operations at Tribal Worldwide.

Throughout her career Jo has always been keen to give back to the agency and working to increase diversity everywhere she worked.
She co organises the Agile For Agencies meet up, mentors through BIMA and was awarded as a Hot BIMA 100 in 2016.

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Council Co-Chair

Sophie Amono, Founder at Stuffs

Sophie is the founder of Edinburgh based social media agency Stuffs; a female led creative studio that produces social media campaigns for brands across the UK and Europe. Over the last ten years her career has seen her work with some of biggest brands in contemporary communications including Dazed Digital, Bulletproof, The Times, & NOT JUST A LABEL. Her path to agency ownership was born out a desire to fill the gap she saw in ethnic minority and female leadership within the creative industries – a path which has seen her now go on to grow a team of over 70 members of staff and influencers – and where her personal efforts are now focused on advocacy work with underrepresented groups. With recent partnerships and speaking spots with Ladies, Wine & Design in Scotland, Hidden Women in Design and the European Packaging Design Awards, Sophie joins the BIMA Diversity & Inclusion Council with the vision to help drive impactful change for creatives in Scotland, women and ethnic minorities within the media, digital and technology industry.

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