Rita Mantler

Founder&Director, Telescopic

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Rita Mantler is the Technical Director & Founder of Telescopic, a digital agency specialising in cross-platform digital integrations. Telescopic work with their clients to help them improve their workflow, automate business processes and get their existing systems talking to each other.

After working as a developer in London and Vienna for over 15 years, Rita realised that for most design agencies, tech and support was always an afterthought. Rita came to the conclusion that it shouldn’t ‘just’ be about building websites. Instead, the agency should work with the client to help design bespoke systems that would suit the needs of their business and, in turn, create efficient workflows. And so, in 2013, Telescopic was born.

Born in Vienna, tech was always high on Rita’s agenda. From the age of 14-19, Rita attended a technical high school, where she trained as an Environmental Engineer. Out of 2000 pupils, 20 of them were girls. This was to be Rita’s first exposure to the issue of diversity in tech.

For Rita, it was important that Telescopic became technology advocates that would regularly push boundaries in the digital space. Since its inception 7 years ago, Rita has gone on to build a diverse female-majority team of highly experienced developers.

Rita remains passionate about supporting and promoting women in tech. She is an active mentor with She Says London and Telescopic are also proud members of Next Tech Girls.