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We aim to be the leading AI think tank in Britain, with a mission to demystify, clarify, unify and drive the conversation on AI.

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The AI Think Tank works to demystify, clarify, unify and drive the UK’s agenda on AI.

We’re preparing UK industry for the changes to come, and helping business cut through the sci-fi to find the reality. We’re forging links between subject matter experts, vendors and our members, so everyone can access trusted sources of truth.

And we’re exploring the current state of AI to find the people who are getting things right and the organisations worth emulating.


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Council Co-Chair

Sandro Petterle, CTO at Rufus Leonard

As Chief Technology Officer at Rufus Leonard, he sets the technology strategy and takes lead across clients, harnessing technology to create extraordinary experiences that will improve your customers’ lives in meaningful ways. His ability to deliver efficiently robust, innovative cross-platform solutions has been critical to clients like Stagecoach, The Gym Group, Lloyd’s Register, The Share Centre, and London Business School.

He is also a major contributor to Rufus being recognised as a top 10 design and build agency in Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies Report.

Sandro started his career at Portugal’s largest digital agency, making partner by 21, and side-hustled his own .com business with venture capitalists before moving to the UK digital agency scene to work with Fortune Cookie and Dare, before ultimately landing at Rufus.

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Council Co-Chair

Mark Edgington, Founder and Principal Consultant at Incendiary Blue Limited

Mark has over 20 years of experience in UX and Development. He has founded a couple of startups and worked in large agencies where he has architected solutions serving millions.

Mark is a seasoned speaker and judge as well as the founder and principal consultant of Incendiary Blue, where he creates elegant solutions to the right problems.

His works spans GSK, Wyeth, Vodafone, Orange, Deutsche bank, HSBC, DeBeers, Disney, Saint Gobain, Mazda, Mercedes, Airmiles, Philip Morris, Thomas Cook, Condor, O’Melveny, Orrick, Slaughter and May, Pfizer, Sky and EY and many others.

Mark holds a 1st class degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and an MSC in Human-Computer Interaction and has been published online, spoken at multiple conferences and judges UX awards yearly.

He is also very passionate about working with schools, running BIMA digital days and acting as an Enterprise Careers adviser for the Mayor of London.

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