AI Council

We aim to be the leading AI think tank in Britain, with a mission to demystify, clarify, unify and drive the conversation on AI.

About the council

The AI Think Tank works to demystify, clarify, unify and drive the UK’s agenda on AI.

We’re preparing UK industry for the changes to come, and helping business cut through the sci-fi to find the reality. We’re forging links between subject matter experts, vendors and our members, so everyone can access trusted sources of truth.

And we’re exploring the current state of AI to find the people who are getting things right and the organisations worth emulating.


Sandro Petterle, Director of Technology at Rufus Leonard

A C-suite level client services professional who thrives on making a difference to the clients and agency teams I work with. I’m committed to delivering results via outstanding client/agency partnerships rooted in open and honest communication. I relish building high performing, motivated and profitable client service teams to deliver the most effective work possible for our Clients.

Extensive integrated experience across the media mix, with a specific passion for developing creative work that drives tangible business performance – from both anagency and Client perspective.

With a career built to date in both large networked organisations and small independent agencies – I love what I do and get out of bed each morning to work with people who value the same things I do!

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