Dr. Jedrzej Osinski

Technical Business Analyst, Wunderman Thompson

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Jędrzej Osiński has been working as QA and TBA at Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology for over ten years, supporting the world’s largest brands in their digital transformation. Jędrzej has also a Ph.D. in computer science (specialty: artificial intelligence) and experience in both government grants and R&D projects.

During his academic career, he was working in government grants and lecturing about software testing and products, AI applications and IT business start-ups. His scientific interests are mostly focused on spatio-temporal modelling and reasoning, knowledge representation, natural language processing.

He is an author of multiple scientific publications, co-author of two books. He is a member of the AI Council within the British Interactive Media Association. Jędrzej writes blogposts and speaks at conferences and various events. His passion is also science communication to make IT and AI knowledge more accessible to everyone through popular talks, blogs, and radio and TV appearances. In 2020, he published a popular science book “Cunning Machines” (CRC Press/Routledge, USA), which explains main concepts and most popular AI techniques in an easy-to-digest form. This year a Polish edition of the book (“Przebiegłe Maszyny”) was released by PWN.

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