Scott Ewings

CEO, Bernadette

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Scott is a veteran brand experience leader with a track record of transforming client and agency impacts dating back to the early internet and technology cycles. He has a relentless and highly progressive stance on upgrading the agency landscape to be more focused on achieving purpose, fostering talent and launching new ventures.

Scott notably led Fjord, Ustwo and Potato in the UK, helping to establish them all as outstanding digital product studios, as well as working client-side as an experience strategy leader with Vodafone in Australia. Scott is also a thought leader in the design and tech for good movement.

Scott has led engagements with market-leading brands including Google, Amazon, Mozilla, RBS, Barclays, BBC, Sky, Ford, Lush, Harvey Nichols, Leica, Jaguar Land Rover, Telefonica, Vodafone and Nokia.