The Analysts announces change to Alirity

By Alirity
04 Jan 2021

The Analysts rebrand to Alirity, better representing our market offering.

With a new year comes a new name, from January 2021 The Analysts have renamed to Alirity. Since being established, analysis has been firmly at the heart of the company and it’s our belief that it is essential for supporting great design and outcomes for our clients.

As we have evolved as an organisation, so too has our market proposition and to better reflect our richer service offering, the Analysts evolves into Alirity.

Charlie Symonds, CEO and Founder at Alirity:
“Analysis is still core to what we do but with the everchanging environment we wanted a name that better represented how our service proposition meets the needs of clients.

Alirity was formed from the bringing together of agility and clarity, we see these as two of the fundamental areas that underpin what our services achieve for clients. As we move into 2021, we are positioning our service offering around the enablement of enterprise agility and helping organisations create and deliver amazing customer centric solutions.

Through H1 2021, we will be releasing more services to market that have been designed to meet the challenges that organisations are facing now and into the future. This will be combined with the formal launch of our partner ecosystem where Alirity is the glue that provides end to end digital design and delivery through our boutique partner ecosystem. We are excited about 2021.”

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