Alirity been working in technology for many years and always put people at the heart of what we do. We created Alirity to harness the expertise and experience of people to help solve some the biggest problems in business, from org design to data intelligence” 

Over the past few years we’ve noticed that organisations care less about the ethical impact of their strategic decisions and more the cost impact. However, these benefits are not mutually exclusive and that’s why Alirity are bringing ‘green-by-design’ to the forefront of our services, whether we’re understanding data, defining new operating models or delivering change management, we will strive to make decisions that not only reduce carbon footprint but also make a positive impact to our communities, environment and well-being. 
We believe that by adopting a green by design approach, organisations will rapidly realise the benefits of focused and lean optimised ways of working; resulting in reduced costs, faster delivery and a purposeful business and team.

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