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Great State is a brand technology agency.

Founded in 2018, it is a merger between digital agency e3 and strategy consultancy LSU (London Strategy Unit).

We are famous for our work for brands including Adidas, Arla, Mondalez, Honda, the Royal Navy and Orange.

“We’re called Great State because that’s technology’s promise – to create an open, united and fairer world. We focus on making a positive impact on our clients’ business, their customers and their communities.”

Staying relevant is today’s biggest business challenge.
Consumers have higher expectations that ever before – driven relentlessly upwards by rapid changes in technology and fierce competition in every sector.

Even market leaders recognise that today’s magical competitive advantage will be tomorrow’s mediocre cost of entry. No wonder Jeff Bezos of Amazon talks about about customers being, “always beautifully, wonderfully dissatisfied.”

That’s why we’ve created a new type of company.

To live up to these rising expectations, companies need a partner that can transform their business.

They need an agency that can help them develop a great brand, make it real through a great experience, and deliver it at scale through great technology – a partner that can get them into a Great State.

So, we’re on a mission to keep brands relevant. To give both their owners and their consumers reasons for optimism – whether that’s at home, on the playing field, or on a naval base. We want everyone to feel they’re part of a Great State.

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Accreditations and awards

Grand Prix Winner - The Digital Impact Awards 2023

Gold Honoree - The Shorty Awards 2023

Rising Star - Sitecore Partner Awards 2023

Bronze - The Drum Roses 2023 - Public Sector

Bronze - The DMAs 2023 - Best Digital Product

Gold - BIMA Awards 2022 - Best Digital Transformation

CIM Marketing Awards 2021 - Best use of social media

Drum Awards for Digital Industry 2021 - Recruitment - Giving a voice to the Silent Service: Submariner Recruitment Campaign

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