Introducing Great State’s New Managing Director Duo

By Great State
17 Jan 2024

Great State is an independent, digital customer experience agency. We apply consumer insight to digital innovation challenges, to deliver exceptional customer experiences, at pace and with scale

Over the last twenty-seven years, we as an agency, have witnessed the countless ways consumers expectations of digital have transformed and seen a multitude of new technologies emerge.

A fundamental part of moving forward is embracing change, and that’s why we’re delighted and excited to announce a major shift in our leadership team.

Jinny and David have been promoted to the role of joint Managing Director. They will continue to report to one of our founders, Stuart Avery, who is stepping back into his position as non-executive Chairman.

A new era of Great State

Jinny and David are the driving force behind a new era of Great State. They have been an integral part of the agency’s journey, overseeing a period of significant growth in the last two years. They’ve helped to elevate our agency, well known as a leading digital product and service agency, to one famed for its digital customer experience work.

As joint Managing Directors, they are taking Great State in a new direction focussed on closing the digital expectation gap. Customers are continually underwhelmed by digital experiences that just don’t meet their expectations. We believe customer experiences can and should be better. The pace of change means that these expectations will move on extremely quickly and we need to stay ahead of that to deliver compelling and engaging experiences that deliver results for our clients.

Jinny and David will deliver the transformative capability of enterprise consultancies and tech partners with the creativity of an agency. All underpinned with a relentless desire for new, innovative, different, better and beautiful. To support this model, they’ll have a strong focus on combined working models that blend client/agency teams as well as utilising new technologies in both internal delivery and client solutions, resulting in more personalised end experiences.

As an experienced leader with a razor-sharp focus on agency operations, Jinny steps into the post from her previous position as chief operating officer. David moves from his former role as Division Director where he has grown our Defence offering. As a strategic partner, David has gained an unrivalled reputation for ensuring all Great State’s clients experience exceptional service and a great return on investment.

Get to know Jinny here and David here.

“Jinny is a natural leader who engenders trust from both clients and internal teams alike. She has exceptionally high standards, is always focused on driving the quality of our output, and ultimately ensuring we deliver great value to our clients. We come at things from a slightly different perspective based on our professional backgrounds, but we have developed a unique talent of being able bounce ideas off each other and see things from each other’s perspective. Not only does this benefit our agency and people, it will also help drive growth for our current and future clients. I can’t think of a better partner to be taking this journey with.”David Chandler, Joint Managing Director

“David is a people first and collaborative leader who understands the importance of being close to his clients’ work and engages with them at a strategic level. He pushes clients outside of their comfort zone, championing excellent work and driving innovation and quality. I’m thrilled to take on the opportunity of working in partnership with him to lead Great State into our next era. There’s real power in being a team of two combining skill sets and perspectives to make even stronger decisions to help drive growth for clients and the agency.”Jinny Mitchell-Kent, Joint Managing Director

“I look forward to seeing the Jinny-David duo propel the agency, our people and clients into a new era of growth. They are both extremely impressive individuals but together they are a phenomenal team and a force to be reckoned with. Their complementary skill sets in agency operations and building strong client relationships, along with their relentless focus on quality provides Great State with something that is both industry differentiating and powerful.” Stuart Avery, Non-Executive Chairman

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