Meet the member: Maisie Franklin, Head of Client Services at Seed

04 Apr 2023

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We sat down with Maisie Franklin, Head of Client Services at Seed, to discover why Seed has decided to take part to the BIMA Next Generation Digital Leaders Programme this year, giving the opportunity to five interns to work in five BIMA member agencies, spending one month in each agency learning a specific role.

1. Introduce yourself.

Hi, My Name is Maisie and I work as Head of Client Services at Seed.My role primarily is to oversee the client portfolio at Seed across all of our services, including: SEO, PPC, Socal and Email Marketing.

2. Give us the elevator pitch for your company.

We believe in creating the happiest, most forward-thinking team on the planet that puts innovation, learning, and creativity at its heart. We know that if we inspire our people, educate, and trust them – they will do the best work for our clients.

In line with our mission “Grow for Good” we have a huge sustainability led focus, which underpins our decisions as a company. Ensuring we uphold our values and are accountable at every given part.

3. Tell us about a typical day – or – something interesting that happened recently in your company.

No two days are the same for me, which ends up making it super interesting and dynamic. We have recently started to roll out an Agency Seed Day – the purpose of this being once a month we all meet in a co-working space in Brighton to chat top level agency strategy and structures. Within this day Seedlings, supported by their mentors can volunteer to present a presentation back to the agency on a certain topic. Topics that are shared have been; latest updates in digital marketing, service specific updates, new HR policies and wellness topics. It has been great to see Seedlings come forward and push themselves out of their comfort zone to get involved.

4. What do you love most about what you do?

I love the variety of my role. As I oversee the client portfolio this also leaks down to team performance, mentoring and key operational practices to run an agency effectively.

5. What is your motivation or reason for being part of the BIMA’s Internship programme?

As mentioned above, mentoring to me is an extremely rewarding responsibility. On my journey in Digital I have really been thankful to the mentors I have had along the way and I will always remember snippets of what they said to me at times.
This internship is a really good opportunity to give people who wouldn’t necessarily have the exposure to digital a fair  chance to explore something they are really interested in – no matter what their background.

6. What do you hope the Interns will gain from the experience?

I hope that alongside the skills, they have the exposure to get a really good feel for what it is like working in an agency. During and post pandemic the agency working culture has slightly shifted due to being more remote and therefore some would have missed out of the buzz of an agency. So I am really hoping that they can get a feel for how it is, and also get that buzz from working alongside like minded digital enthusiasts!

7. How do you help your employees develop and grow?

At Seed, we have a select number of mentors who have all demonstrated the skills, behaviours, actions and competencies in order to be a mentor. Alongside this, we work within a more progressive organisational structure than the traditional hierarchy. Inspired by Corporate Rebels we are working towards having an agency that works towards the 8 trends of progressive structures. One of these is focussing on talents and masteries over job titles. This ensures that at Seed we allow Seedlings to work towards their preference and skill, rather than be confined to their job title role.

We have found that from this Seedlings have thrived, even creating, building and launching new services for us!

Applications for the BIMA Next Generation Digital Leaders Programme open in April 2023. Learn more HERE.


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