Young Talent Council

Empowering the next generation of tech professionals to be future champions of the digital industry.

About the council

In a world where digital skills are increasingly in demand, our Council is committed to empowering the next generation of tech professionals. By reducing barriers and fostering inclusivity, we create a safe space for young people to learn and network, breaking down anxieties and opening doors to the industry.

As a voice for young professionals, we champion their opinions on key issues in digital and tech, and promote diversity and inclusion in everything we do. Through a series of initiatives, we strive to create a brighter future for all, fostering a reciprocal relationship between our Council and the industry.

Council Co-Chair

Antonia Simon, Experience Consultant at EPAM

Antonia is a Senior Experience Consultant at EPAM Continuum, where she helps big brands define their next horizon. She’s a self-driven, creative strategist skilled in supporting business leaders navigate the future of their business through a human-centred approach to innovation.

Driven by the need to leverage an understanding of cultures and sustainability to find resilient solutions, Antonia is passionate about is placing our collective futures at the heart of a business’ strategy and leveraging technology to make those futures real.

The future is ours to shape, and Antonia is eager to ensure that every voice, especially those of young people, is heard and embraced.

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Council Co-Chair

Valentina Stragliotto, SEO Specialist at GA Agency

Valentina is a 2023 tourism graduate working as an SEO Specialist at GA Agency. Passionate about sustainable tourism, she aims to develop her wider digital marketing knowledge to make a difference and spread awareness about the importance and best practices of sustainable tourism. Aware of the complexities of the employment world as a student or graduate, she is now part of the Young Talent Council aiming to help find solutions to facilitate independent new talents making their first steps into employability.

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Council Members