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Aligning BIMA’s national agenda and broad network with community leaders in key areas across the South West, from Bristol to Cornwall

About the council

The South West is home to a vibrant digital community and some incredible digital talent and businesses. In particular, Bristol is quickly becoming the epicentre for Immersive Tech  – with many new startups taking up residency in this vibrant city.   The South West Council works to support them and bring them together, harnessing their collective power and smart digital thinking and applying it to solving the industry’s – and society’s – biggest challenges.

The council is a place where we explore new ideas, new collaborations and new opportunities. It’s where we forge new friendships and help each other out. And it’s where we champion the best of digital in the region.


Council Co-Chair

Chris Deary, Business Director at Zone

Chris has 15 years’ experience helping businesses to create better products, services and communications. He started out as a writer for branded print publications but quickly became interested in the way digital technology was changing how brands could interact with their audiences and customers. He went on to help a number of newspapers and magazines take their first forays into building digital platforms and communities. For the last seven years Chris has worked at Zone, where he has worked with the likes of Adidas, the Nike Foundation, BT, Channel 4 and the London School of Economics to improve their customer experiences. He moved to Bristol in 2014 to help establish Zone’s Bristol office in the city, which has now grown to more than 100 people servicing  clients such as BMW , Electrolux and Greene King.


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Council Co-Chair

Candi Williams, Content Design Manager & Strategist

Candi is a born again content lover and psycholinguistics geek based in Bristol. Having graduated with a degree in English Language and Linguistics, she’s been obsessing over the endless power of good, clear communications for over a decade.

Day-to-day, she wears her Content Design Manager & Strategist hat for the world’s largest building society. By night, she writes books and has three published and counting.

When not waging the war against unnecessary jargon and inaccessible, head-scratching content, you’ll find her geeking out at talks, desperately trying to meditate more or seeking out more bright coloured wares.

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