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Aligning BIMA’s national agenda and broad network with community leaders in key areas across the South West, from Bristol to Cornwall

About the council

The South West has a long-standing reputation as one of the main creative and technological hubs in the UK outside of the capital, as well as a rich history in other forms of media – from television broadcasting to print.

The BIMA South West Council aims to foster a collaborative environment which brings together creatives from an array of businesses and industries across our region – from agencies to SMEs – sharing thoughts, developing ideas and supporting each other.

It’s the BIMA South West Council’s mission to work together for the betterment of our region. We’re committed to actively participating in a wide range of projects. But we aren’t just participants; we strive to be catalysts for change, driving our own initiatives to enhance the vibrancy of the areas in which we operate.


Council Co-Chair

David Chandler, Joint Managing Director at Great State

David Chandler is Division Director at Great State. Equal parts relationship builder and strategic contributor, he heads up client relationships and collaborates with clients to deliver impactful work.

He has over 20 years of marketing expertise, gained through working in both agency and in-house roles. Most of his career has been spent working for integrated, creative and digital agencies, where he has headed up client services functions being responsible for overseeing client relationships. During his career he has worked for some of the world’s largest brands including Samsung, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and BMW.  As well as leading multi-award winning campaigns. Highlights of his career include working on London 2012 Olympic campaigns for Coca-Cola and leading several global flagship product launches for Samsung.


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Council Co-Chair

Sophie Harris, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Proctor and Stevenson Limited

Sophie Harris is a seasoned professional with nearly four years of dedicated service at Proctor + Stevenson, where she currently holds the role of Director of Business Development and Marketing.

As the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Proctor + Stevenson, Sophie is focused on fostering strategic relationships, expanding market reach, and elevating the firm’s brand presence.

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