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Raising the profile of the digital sector in Scotland. Promoting cross-sector engagement and education and talent initiatives.

About the council

With a mission to drive innovation and excellence across Scotland, BIMA Scotland is setting a countrywide agenda to boost Scotland’s digital economy and drive positive change within the industry.

We’re doing that by building connections nationwide to boost collaboration and unlock commercial opportunity. We’re promoting home-grown thought leaders and local talent on a national stage. And we’re recognising excellence and showcasing the outstanding work being produced by Scottish businesses and students.

Council Co-Chair

Jessica Mullen, Managing Director at CreateFuture

BIMA 100 2017 Agent of Change. BIMA Scotland Co-chair. Supporter of Girl Geek Scotland and Ladies Wine Design. Creative Edinburgh mentor.

I co-founded CreateFuture in 2016 as an alternative to the big agencies. We help our clients grow inside and out. We help ambitious brands grow through Proposition, Product and People. And we do it in a fun, fast and collaborative way – because, let’s face it, the alternative is dull, slow and siloed.

As Co-Founder and Managing Director it’s my job to ensure that every aspect of the business functions to its potential. When required I provide leadership, vision, grit or encouragement. Whatever it takes to make things happen, to meet financial objectives, and to deliver great business outcomes for clients.

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Council Co-Chair

Martin Jordan, Director of Innovation & Marketing at Equator

Martin joined the board of BIMA Scotland in 2018 and is Innovation & Insight Director at Equator, one of the largest independent agencies in the UK. Since 2007, Martin has served at the helm of multiple growing functions within Equator, building out a diverse and talented Marketing team and, more recently building and developing a cutting-edge Innovation function as well as a hard-nosed and smart Insight team.

Equator works with leading brands across the world with many well-known financial, travel and retail brands including Santander, SSE, Clydesdale Bank and Village Hotels.

With his Innovation hat on, Martin and his team are responsible for keeping Equator’s clients at the forefront of technology and marketing innovation. Recognising that the world of digital was moving at an unprecedented pace and that the skills and technologies that Equator had grown so well off the back off were slowly becoming commoditised, Equator’s former Marketing Director was handed the enviable role of bringing cutting-edge innovation, hardware, technology and processes to the business. He has assembled a team of leading developers, designers and artists to theorise, brainstorm and build the future for our clients. Pushing out new concepts and ideas for our clients, present and future, Martin and his team have developed a wide range of concepts based on leading technologies. From interactive presence-driven apps that communicate with a network of beacons through to an cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence capabilities that are reshaping how our clients interact with their data.

Martin is a prolific public speaker for BIMA, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and other not-for-profit organisations. Martin leads Equator’s efforts with the University of Strathclyde in delivering one of the first truly commercially-integrated postgraduate degrees in eMarketing, lecturing and collaborating on course design. Martin has appeared several times on national television discussing technology-based current affairs issues as well as being guest on several podcasts and technology journalism sites.

With an absolute passion for digital and marketing, Martin hopes to bring his experience of the channel and technology along with his desire to bring more people into the field through his work with BIMA.

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