Scotland Council

Raising the profile of the digital sector in Scotland. Promoting cross-sector engagement and education and talent initiatives.

About the council

With a mission to drive innovation and excellence across Scotland, BIMA Scotland is setting a countrywide agenda to boost Scotland’s digital economy and drive positive change within the industry.

We’re doing that by building connections nationwide to boost collaboration and unlock commercial opportunity. We’re promoting home-grown thought leaders and local talent on a national stage. And we’re recognising excellence and showcasing the outstanding work being produced by Scottish businesses and students.

Council Co-Chair

Alan Kittle, Founder at Bjerk Creative Lab

Alan has led creative departments for over 15 years, advocating for both big and bold conceptual thinking, and executional excellence. He’s worked in the US and UK for networked and independent groups and has amassed over 50 awards from international shows. His previous and present clients include JPMorgan, National Grid, Samsung, Google, Takeda, Stella Artois and Sony.

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Council Co-Chair

Leanne McGuire, tbc

Leanne’s expertise extends to community work, particularly in promoting parental engagement in education and advocating for parents and carers in Scotland. Recognised for her balanced views, Leanne is a frequent media spokesperson for parents. She also leads the Scottish Council’s Nurturing Talent subgroup, leveraging her knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion to address the skills gap and foster career opportunities for the future workforce

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Council Members