BIMA Bridge Council

Working to create employment opportunities for refugees.

About the council

In the Spring of 2022, the BIMA community came together to explore how they could support the wave of refugees leaving Ukraine. The idea was to match those with digital skills with jobs in the UK. That idea evolved over time and, in the Autumn of 2022, we’ve launched BIMA Bridge.

The aim of this council is to bring together BIMA members who want to support or create opportunities for people arriving in the UK as refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. For some, this might mean making sure that job opportunities reach them. For others it might mean running targeted work experience placements, or using the business’ resources to support recently arrived communities locally to them, or fundraising for charities working in this space. To take part in the council, you do not need to be doing something huge already – the aim is for us to connect the wonderful goodwill and the desire to help, with practical actions that can make a real difference.

Council Co-Chair

Rebecca Lewis Smith, Managing Director at Fountain

Rebecca is co-founder of Fountain and passionate about building an exceptional culture for the agency’s team of digital marketing experts – where they can thrive and do their best work. Having been Managing Director for 11 years, in 2020 she proudly handed the reins to the next generation of agency leadership, while remaining involved in the business with a focus on people and culture.

She strongly believes that businesses can be a force for good in our communities, from committing to sustainability, to enabling opportunities for disadvantaged groups among us.

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Council Co-Chair

Jessica Williams-Chadwick, Marketing Manager at Contented Brothers

Jess has worked in the marketing department at Contented Brothers for three years. We are a content creation agency specialising in video, and Jess brings a passion for getting people visible online to our company. She has a background in startups, education and legal tech, and can spot a typo at 50 paces.

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Council Members

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