Your Gateway to Experimentation And Optimisation

By Ultimedia
22 Nov 2023

While it may be tempting for your organisation to opt for a budget or even free website software solution, ambitious organisations keen to unlock the full potential of their digital experiences should consider the broader capabilities of a leading digital experience platform (DXP). Looking at the Gartner Magic Quadrant is a good way to identify leaders who have been at the top consecutive years. A platform like this offers a suite of tools that go beyond the ordinary.

Understanding the value of this platform involves looking into its flexible pricing structure. Unlike fixed-cost models, this DXP embraces a customised approach, tailoring prices based on individual organisational needs. Key factors influencing pricing include user volume, website traffic, specific feature requirements, and deployment options which means the size capabilities and price of the platform can grow with your organisation.

From the marketing-focused solution to the comprehensive DXP unifying content management and experimentation, each product is designed to meet diverse organisational needs. There are also options catering to e-commerce organisations, offering targeted recommendations and optimised checkout processes.

While the free plan the leading DXP offers serves as a starting point, investing in this digital powerhouse proves worthwhile for organisations aspiring to enhance digital experiences, personalise customer interactions, and achieve tangible outcomes. Tailored pricing ensures cost efficiency, and the diverse product suite provides a comprehensive solution for varied organisational requirements. Step beyond the Optimizely free package and embark on a digital journey of innovation and success.


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