Word on the Street podcast season 5 is now live!

By Whitney Sharp
15 Sep 2021

We have officially launched Season 5 of our Word on the Street podcast! This brand new series is full to the brim with even more fantastic insights and top tips from industry leaders.

We’re launching Series 5 with a bang, releasing not 1, not 2, but 3 brand new episodes, including an exclusive trailer of upcoming episodes, which you can listen to right here.

In episode 1 host Katie Street is joined by the amazing Lucy Werner, Owner of The Wern and Founder of Hype Yourself and Brand Yourself. Join us as we delve into the power of knowing your audience, why you need to focus on evolving your brand rather than just ‘rebranding’ and how agency owners now have a real chance to stand out! You’ll pick up tips on:

The importance of your brand name

Why you need to be innovative in branding

How to carve out your own voice, signature and identity

Why it’s essential to have a deep understanding of your audience

The power of evolving your brand

?‍? Listen online: https://bit.ly/2VuvEws

Plus! In this extra-special, bonus episode, Katie is lucky enough to speak to the agency new business powerhouses that are Nathan Anibaba from Agency Deal Masters and Lucy Mann from Gunpowder Consulting about understanding the buying cycle, budgeting your funnel, why share of voice can be more important than share of market, the differences between handling inbound business vs cold outreach and much, much more. It’s not to be missed!

?‍? Listen online: https://bit.ly/3BRBrf5

We have a mega line-up for this series of the podcast so please do subscribe and get in touch if you have a question you’d Katie to put to one of our industry experts this season.


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