Why it’s important to understand your agency’s value even if you’re not planning to sell

By Cactus
13 Feb 2024

The vast majority of independent agency founders focus on building the best agency business they can.  Typically they consistently  work in an area they are passionate about, with a great team of people around them, creating a special culture, taking pride in delivering a range of services that help solve their clients brief and challenges and being proud of the work their agency has created.

However, whether you are planning to sell your business or not, having an understanding of its value can help you get a more complete understanding of how best to invest your profit and support you in making decisions about the future of your agency.

Why Value Matters:

To equip you with a basic understanding, we’ve created a free agency valuation tool. While not a substitute for a formal valuation, it offers a helpful starting point to gauge your agency’s current market position.

Remember, understanding your agency’s value empowers you to make informed decisions and navigate the market with confidence.


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