When Football Teams Cannot Play, They Can Still Play…

By Other Media
26 Mar 2020

We’ve been truly uplifted to see some of the creative alternative matches that have been going on in the social media sphere.

It’s an unprecedented series of events going on in the world right now and who would ever have expected to see sport all but cancelled for the foreseeable future? Well that’s the reality at the moment but the digital media folks in some of our nation’s football teams have pulled of some great creativity to keep fans entertained.

We’ve put together a brief round-up of a few of the great examples of keeping positive and keeping engaged with fans that we’ve seen. There’s no reason why sports teams can’t continue to do more of this, even once the seasons are once again up and running.

Many a team has been playing games, such as nought and crosses, on their Twitter accounts, and huge kudos goes to Leyton Orient as their initial hope to set up a small FIFA20 tournament has expoloded and now looks like a real beacon of light for both engagement and raising some financial support for teams most in trouble…

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***Update: since we wrote the original article, the #UltimateQuaranTeam initiative by Leyton Orient has doubled its findraising target to £100k due to already hitting their £50k target. There is also some match sponsorship coming in, all helping to raise more funds. Hats off to these guys***


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