We’ve changed the BIMA Awards.

05 Mar 2021

So what have you changed?

The BIMA Awards are now the BIMA 10. But there’s far more to this transformation than a simple change of name, Holly Hall explains.

For the past 35 years, the BIMA Awards have been a major part of the digital landscape. During that time we’ve seen lots of amazing work from some incredible people. But ours is an industry that spends its time looking to the future. So it started to feel a little odd that our awards had stayed largely untouched since the mobile phone was a brick-sized novelty.

You can’t be afraid of big change, but there’s no point in change for change’s sake. If you’re going to do something new, there has to be a reason for it and it has to be the best it can be. When it came to reimagining the BIMA Awards, we put our heads together to define what ‘best’ looked like and we kept coming back to the same word: change.

Solving real challenges

Innovation. Imagination. Creativity. Digital work has never lacked for any of them. What sets the truly exceptional apart from the merely great is impact. At its very best the work of our industry changes things. Those are the projects we can learn from and be inspired by. Those are the projects we’re seeking to recognise with BIMA Awards v2.0. We call it BIMA 10.


BIMA10 will award 10 digital-first projects that have solved real challenges, created new opportunities or have done something in a brave new way.

There are no categories. There is no complicated entry process or convoluted criteria. We’ve kept it simple and accessible because we want to unearth work from all corners of the UK and from all types of organisations and sectors, and we don’t want anyone discouraged from entering because the process is long.

We’ll ensure the judges’ selection is honest and authentic. Then we’ll do our utmost to uncover what makes our winners winners. We want to learn all we can from them and then share our findings across the year at our events and conferences and through our programmes.

The winners of the BIMA10 will have their work and their people showcased to tens of thousands of practitioners and students and have the opportunity to inspire an industry.

And it starts with a short and sweet application. Find out more here.



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