We’re pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Zeplin

21 Apr 2021

BIMA is constantly working to drive the digital industry forward and bring its communities together. Now, it has announced a new strategic partnership with a growing tech company that shares those ambitions: Zeplin.

Zeplin is a design workspace where you can share, organize, and collaborate on designs — built with developers in mind. Zeplin was founded in 2014 by a team of designers and developers who released it to their community and gained 6,000+ signups within a week. Today, Zeplin supports 4+ million users from thousands of product teams including Apple, Starbucks, Salesforce, Disney, Pinterest, and Audi as well as awesome digital agencies and system integrators such as AKQA and Somo Global to name a few.

For BIMA members, many of whom already use Zeplin and are benefiting from the Zeplin Agency Membership program (ZAM), it’s a natural fit.

“As the voice of digital and tech, BIMA is always looking to drive the digital community forward, and we’re excited by fresh approaches that foster collaboration,” said Rachel Johnson, Marketing Director BIMA. “Zeplin helps put digital professionals (literally) on the same page as the developers, product managers and copywriters around them, and we felt the collaborative community power of Zeplin was something worth exploring. We’re delighted to announce this partnership.”

Neil Smith, Global Lead of Partner Success at Zeplin shares the excitement. “Our partnership with BIMA creates a unique opportunity for Zeplin to continue to foster deeper relationships amongst its thriving digital community and support teams that are building modern, cross-platform apps to deliver on the promise of design. We are looking forward to connecting with BIMA members who share our focus on the design to development process with the ultimate goal of shipping beautiful products. How we can help you and your teams be more successful as a design-led business, is at the core of what we do here at Zeplin.”

Other Media is just one BIMA member using Zeplin. Matt Emmins, Creative Lead with the London-based agency, said: “Zeplin has become an invaluable tool for myself and the team. We know that Zeplin is where our source of design truth lives. Because of Zeplin the amount of time spent checking the final build against a design has dropped significantly.”

Graham Wood, Creative Director of Somo, another Zeplin user and BIMA member said, “Zeplin has become a fundamental part of our workflow, allowing our teams to collaborate and communicate more effectively. It removes the gap between design and development, speeds up feedback loops and has become an invaluable tool in creating great digital products.”

Find out more about the Somo and Zeplin partnership here. 

If you would like to speak to Zeplin or for any enquiries please email karina@zeplin.io

Find out more about Zeplin: https://zeplin.io/why-zeplin

Find out more about ZAM: https://zeplin.io/zam


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