Welcome To The Age Of Conversational Applications

By OpenDialog
31 Jan 2022

With our conversational AI platform OpenDialog you can design, prototype and deploy cutting-edge chat and voice bots. But first, let us explain our journey and the OpenDialog way.

For the past 40 years interacting with digital devices has required us to understand what button to press, what menu to expand and what option to select. Whether with a mouse, trackpad or our fingers, we were responsible for figuring out where to point and click to get a task done.

The ability to converse with machines flips that dynamic around. It is now up to the machines to figure out what we are trying to accomplish. If ever there was an epoch-defining shift in user experience, the ability to converse with machines is undoubtedly that.

Such a change, however, can only be successfully achieved by exploring radically new ways of creating chat and voice bots. This is exactly what OpenDialog does. Our mission is to enable everyone to create amazing conversational AI experiences for their visitors.

OpenDialog is a uniquely different conversational application platform designed by academics and conversation design experts. It combines an opinionated and unified model of how conversations can be described, with a method for developing and deploying sophisticated, multi-exchange chatbots. OpenDialog enables conversational creators to build more enjoyable, useful and natural experiences for the end-user through its beautiful no-code designer and pro-active conversation engine.

Chat and voice bot solutions have become a key ingredient for providing and enhancing great customer experience and engagement, advising users to purchase the best product suited to their personal needs, or answering relevant questions in the moment, and consumers are now demanding round-the-clock service.

Wouldn’t it be great if a craft beer website could assist the user in choosing the best drink based on their taste preference or the occasion, or a gaming website that helps a user pick the best genre but age-appropriate game for their nephew’s birthday.  Imagine…talking to art during a virtual museum tour – Van Gogh sharing his experience and inspiration behind Sunflowers, or learning a new language! Multi-functional chatbots can also be usefully deployed in the healthcare industry, with use cases covering emergency call routing through to post-op healthcare assistants offering professional tips and guidance.

OpenDialog allows agencies and brands to create, prototype, personalise and easily scale these kinds of awe-inspiring chatbots. Read more about the OpenDialog method and sign up to get instant access to the platform at opendialog.ai. We can’t wait to welcome you to the OpenDialog community and the OpenDialog way of building conversational apps!

‘Automated conversations that work, human conversations that matter.’

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