We are excited to announce that Ticket Husky has become Different Breed ®

By Different Breed ®
14 Jul 2021

We originally started our journey as a collection of friends working on creating a brighter future for ticketing in the form of event management products. But along the way, we realised that what we really wanted to do was create experiences that use innovation and technology to tear down barriers for people around the world, both online and offline.

As a small team, we have big dreams, and we wanted to re-align with the goals and values that drive us and move to open up our expertise to all people through a range of digital services that we now offer. We want to become digital partners who work with businesses regardless of industry to help them better understand their customers and bring about experiences that start with accessibility and equality.

Our products will still be at the forefront of our business, and the mission has remained the same. We look forward to bringing a set of tools to the market that levels the playing field for everyone to offer accessible, affordable and reliable ticketing for performers, bands and businesses regardless of their size.

We see a world where digital experiences can remove barriers and empower everyone to be equal online. A world where brands can build lasting relationships with all their customers and no one is left out.

We are determined to be a Different Breed ®

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