VentureSonic AI launches the World’s First AI-Powered Branded Audio Platform for Creative Industries

By AI Music
16 Jun 2021

Joint venture between Made Music Studio and AI Music launches with beta partners Publicis Media, Virgin Hyperloop and Polaris

NEW YORK & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– VentureSonic, a music technology group backed by Made Music Studio and AI Music, today launched VentureSonic AI, with Publicis Media, Virgin Hyperloop and Polaris, as launch partners. This innovative product is the first AI music platform specifically built to meet the needs of brands wanting to enhance their audio branding impact. An enterprise solution, VentureSonic AI helps global brands and agencies reach every customer on every platform with branded, contextualized music at scale. It creates and customizes exclusive audio assets at the click of a button.

Branded audio opportunities are growing exponentially as music has become increasingly crucial to consumer engagement at touch points ranging from streaming audio, social, video, websites, digital, radio and podcasts to retail, call centers, spaces, HR and more. In addition, as third-party cookies disappear, brands need new, targeted ways to connect with consumers with contextually rich media.

“In a Cookieless Future, contextual content is critical. We see this platform as a solution to future-proof our clients audio identity, create an immense collection of branded audio assets that’s cost effective and efficient and expand creative possibilities that engage users across platforms and channels. With this solution we are able to contextually match audio content while allowing our clients and partners to flex and scale into the ever-growing audio ecosystems,” said Andrew Klein, Director of Content Innovation at Publicis Media agency Spark Foundry.

Brands have historically used unbranded music from stock libraries or produced individual tracks, a time intensive, expensive, and non-scalable option, increasingly out of step with today’s brand needs. VentureSonic AI simplifies music strategy, sourcing, production, editing and licensing, reducing production time by half and production costs by 95%. It also eliminates the risk surrounding rights and licenses as 100% of the tracks are pre-cleared for use across channels/use cases.

“A sonic identity is now a crucial part of branding. However, getting it to fit and flex in length, style and genre is time-consuming and drains budget and resources. We are so excited to be partnering with AI Music to bring this offering to the broader industry. We see VentureSonic AI as a powerful tool that can be a game-changer for brands and a white label solution for agencies,” said Lauren McGuire, President of Made Music Studio.

“At AI Music, we believe that music is a living and breathing thing. The VentureSonic AI platform will allow iconic brands such as Virgin Hyperloop and Polaris create moments that live and breathe with their customers. The essence of these brands can be seamlessly contextualised into the lives of their customers through music,” said Siavash Mahdavi, CEO of AI Music.

VentureSonic AI works by using thousands of elements created by artists and producers to intelligently produce customized tracks. The first generation of the product allows any user to have control over mood, genre, instrumentation, tempo and duration without the need for specialist production or technical knowledge. Most critically, brands with an existing sonic identity can create tracks with their Sonic Logos (audio logos, mnemonics) woven into the music or place them at any point in the track. This allows for seamless customization for use with any kind of video or audio media asset, making it easier to contextualize music across the myriad use cases modern brands need. Marketers will have a powerful tool that gives them branded music tracks across styles and genres at the touch of the button.

“Made Music Studio is always innovating, so it’s no surprise that they have created the next-generation of music licensing,” said Ryan Kelly, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Virgin Hyperloop. “We are excited to be a launch partner of VentureSonic AI to seamlessly address our constant need for new and on-brand soundtracks to engage our global audiences.”

About VentureSonic AI

VentureSonic AI marries the creative power of original audio identities with the power of AI. An enterprise solution, VentureSonic AI helps global brands and agencies reach every customer on every platform with branded, contextualized music at scale. It creates and customizes exclusive audio assets at the click of a button, saving valuable time and money.

VentureSonic is backed by Made Music Studio and AI Music.

About Made Music Studio

Made Music Studio is a sonic branding and design studio unrivaled in creating iconic, enduring and powerful music-driven experiences. Made Music brings creative excellence, leadership in sound innovation and technology, and deep understanding through research and data on how sound affects emotions and behavior.

A trusted partner for PepsiCo, HBO, AT&T, CBS, American Express, General Mills, Disney, Southwest, Nissan, Virgin Hyperloop, and more. Made Music brings a legacy of collaboration with everyone from John Williams to John Legend, Meow Wolf to Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. Made Music Studio is a Fast Co Most Innovative Company, EXPLOR Award and repeat Promax Award winner. Reach out at

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