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Thank you for visiting my profile and I hope I can help:

I have worked as a technology marketing consultant in the UK since 2008. Previously I was the director of LPGF Ltd a full-service digital marketing communications agency. Recent projects this year include work for digital developers; OWAdigital. Facial Recognition suppliers; Facewatch. Start-up property portal; Investerge.  I also work with the Government on regional development and consult with museums and other organisations. I have worked internationally in the US and China for businesses such as Wanda and Accoya to name two business with leading-edge digital needs.

  • I have created over 30 new brands and corporate identities
  • Built over 20 websites in various development languages and CMS (with partners)
  • Launched new technology which changed markets – Digital Cameras, Facial Recognition, Personal Computers
  • Re-engineered businesses to embrace technology – From education to shipbuilding 
  • Created and delivered sales and marketing strategies to launch new products and services 

Networking with partners I am able to provide a one-stop marketing solution for start-ups, digital transformation and work as a board member and consultant for SME and larger businesses. 

  • Manage transformation projects
  • Build strategic plans and execute tactically
  • Mentor and train teams
  • Create inventive new ideas that are measurable and profitable
  • Built digital and conventional ad campaigns and create the collateral and content required 

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How I work:

  • I will free pitch against any project
  • I work on a fixed price or hourly rate
  • I can travel anywhere in the World

For more information please call on 07788 662697 or email 


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