Reeha Alder

Employee Experience Director, Kin + Carta

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Reeha Alder is Employee Experience Director for Kin + Carta Connect. She’s responsible for helping talent to flourish. Making work a pleasure not a burden. Supporting diversity and inclusion. Giving people the chance to be their best selves.

Reeha knows all about talent. And agencies, brands, clients and technology.  Previously she was the admired Managing Partner at AnalogFolk and one of the few BAME female leaders in the industry. Despite reaching the top she wanted to achieve something more and turned her focus towards getting the best out of people.

Now she’s with Kin + Carta Connect and looking to set new standards for what good should look like in the workplace. It’s a big job but she still finds time to sit on the board of Stonewall to help drive acceptance without exception for people around the world.

Anyone who wants to create a happy, productive and inspiring workplace can learn something from Reeha.