Maximiliano D’Angelo

Global Lead Producer - Campaign and Content


Max is an Argentinian living in London and working as Lead of production. He started 15 years ago as an editor and VFX post producer. Later, he joined a CGI studio specializing in brand character design. Initially unsure about the role of a producer, he gained confidence and learned through experience. After four years, he began managing teams and studied coaching and mentoring to excel in this new responsibility. Over time, he explored various aspects of communication and technology, including marketing, crowdfunding, video game development, and brand enhancement. However, the most crucial lesson he learned was the art of team formation and leadership, prioritizing both business objectives and individual growth. As a lecturer in advertising, media, and sociology, his passion for mentoring evolved beyond project focus to personal growth and direction. He thrives on finding mentees unattached to his current workplace, guiding them with self-confidence, macro-vision, empathy, knowledge, and vision.