Mark Iremonger

Chair, Pixeled Eggs

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I support leaders and founders in achieving their business goals. These are typically creative and marketing services organisations that want to grow, and/or sell.  I also plug into the agency networks as a strategist or business lead.  Have recently supported Oliver, Gyro, Wunderman and Firehouse, and consult for Nestlé on global digital marketing strategy.

I have spent 30 years leading large and small agencies & businesses through the dramatic change created by the internet. Experience includes digital and agency transformation, marketing strategy, creative, digital and communications planning, alongside agency leadership.

Roles include Managing Director of digital creative unit9, Head of Digital and Strategy at integrated and direct Proximity London BBDO,  Chief Strategy Officer, then CEO at Hearst owned digital marketing agency iCrossing UK and a Non-Executive Director for, regional creative development NPO Wired Sussex.

I am Chair at digital experience creators Pixeled Eggs, consult independently, and inspire undergraduates at University of Creative Arts with the potential of digital.

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