Katerina Nishan

Associate Creative Director, Kin + Carta

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Katerina is a visionary Associate Creative Director – Lead Product Designer at Kin+Carta with over 16 years of enriching experience at the intersection of design, technology, and business strategy. With a profound agency background in digital technologies, she has been instrumental in crafting innovative, user-centred brand and product experiences that resonate across diverse channels and touch points. Her work merges aesthetic beauty with functional innovation, showcasing her commitment to enhancing user interaction through detail-oriented design.
Deeply passionate about inclusive design and artificial intelligence, Katerina integrates both into her design practice, redefining product design boundaries.

Her advocacy for diversity and inclusion is evident in her active involvement with the Diversity & Inclusion team at Kin+Carta and as a certified facilitator for #IamRemarkable, where she empowers underrepresented individuals to acknowledge their achievements.

Katerina’s leadership and strategic insight have been shaped by her extensive experience across multiple sectors, including fintech, pharmaceuticals, travel, food & drink, media, telecommunications and automotive, allowing her to deliver tailored solutions for global brands like Barclays, Expedia, Unilever, BBC, AstraZeneca, and Toyota.

As a member of the BIMA Creative council, Katerina brings a holistic skillset, combining empathy, creativity, and strategic thinking to inspire innovation and drive excellence in every endeavour.