Jon Hume

Commercial Director, Graphite Digital

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Jon is responsible for the commercial side of Graphite, always supporting and challenging the team to deliver the best results possible for our clients. He has a talent for taking the complicated and explaining it in a simple, open and honest way. Jon excels across multiple disciplines and has been able to add valuable knowledge to a project in terms of strategy, excellent project management skills and a huge knowledge of the technology available and suitable for each project. In his previous position at Graphite as Client Services Director, he helped to lead clients to deliver better performance and better customer experiences. Jon has been instrumental in leading the work Graphite have delivered in the Pharma industry for Pfizer and works across all of our other accounts with his team.

Before Jon joined the Graphite team he built up a wealth of experience at London agencies and boutique agencies. He has created digital products, campaigns and activations with leading enterprise brands including Rimmel, ZSL London Zoo, Virgin Atlantic, Cineworld, and Thomas Cook Airlines.

Jon is a pop-culture nerd and outside of Graphite, you’ll most likely find him at his local cinema checking out the latest blockbusters, consuming every tech, science and politics podcast available or collecting movie posters.