Johnny Read

Director & Chair of BIMA Liverpool, Village Software

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Over the last 30 years Johnny has made the transition from bright young thing to industry veteran with good grace. He is MD of Village Software which focusses on enterprise integration as well as business intelligence. Clients include large factories that need their robots telling what to do next, labs that need field data collection of samples to be tested, and industrial, retail and health service clients needing reports and dashboards and understand they key performance indicators. Largely this is achieved by hiring clever people and setting up sensible operations, but sometimes he can be found in front of a whiteboard with a marker pen or, woe betide us, hounding programmers into discussions about appropriate design patterns and testing strategies.

He has a long term interest in the digital business community, and has worked with various committees, meetups and other ways of turning individual businesses into an industry over the last few decades. He is a believer in communication and collaboration between business peers and as a software engineer and business geek is always interested in hearing what digital companies are up to.

Johnny is an enthusiast for all things digital and business and inflicts his enthusiasm on people by moonlighting role lecturing at Liverpool Business School where he can be found trying to persuade bewildered undergraduates that balance sheets are fun, or MBA students how machine learning is about to rock their world or how their products information intensity should affect their strategy.