Jill Quick

Co Founder, The Coloring in Department

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Co-founder of The Coloring in Department. A digital marketing training company that believes learning shouldn’t be for people with deep pockets, it should be more affordable, it should be more acessible. We also believe that you can have fun as you learn. We want to educate, motivate and inspire people to do better digital marketing. Seriously.

We really love marketing, and we really do want more people to ‘get it’ – not just being entertained and knowing what it is, but actually get back to the office and bloody do it, be more awesome, get results, make bank.

I am a chatty, candid, lady with a knack for creating templates and models that people can use to learn all about digital marketing. LOVES analytics and learning about UX and user behaviour.

Have an obsession for decent coffee and a love for small batch Gin. Living the whole balanced-work-life-juggle-the-kids-and-working-mum-balance-kind-of-thing. Fairly sure there’s a #hashtag in there somewhere.