Jenny Taylor

Talent Partner, Hidden

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Experienced specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the recruitment industry with a Master’s Degree from the University for the Creative Arts.

Strong knowledge client and agency side, across Creative, Client Services, Production, Project Management, Web Development, Retail, PR, Marketing and Buying & Merchandising.

Currently working at Hidden: A new model for talent. Hidden within a business, a subscription service hiring talent using bias-free technology. Helping businesses forge the culture that builds a company. A diverse process that gets diverse results, faster and a darn sight cheaper. Because the best diamonds are always the hardest to find.

Clients include; VaynerMedia, Wunderman, Acxiom, Gravity Thinking, Freedman International, Alfred, Aesop Agency, Splash Worldwide, MRM//McCann, Mullenlowe Group and Acceleration to name a few.

Winner of the 2019 BIMA Talent/Diversity Initiative of the Year.