David Johnstone

Managing Director, After Digital

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David is a member of the BIMA Young Talent Council and Managing Director of After Digital. Alex first started with After Digital some 13 years ago as Business Development Manager, then quickly progressed to Commercial Director, before completing a management buyout in 2015 to take joint ownership with fellow long-term Director Ken Beattie and take on position of Managing Director. During his time, he’s committed to growing the agency, nurturing new talent, whilst creating an environment in which everyone can contribute, thrive and develop.

David is proud to represent a company that understands that you get out of it what you put in and wholeheartedly focuses on its people as a metric of success. The agency’s people come from all walks of life and are truly diverse – it is this diversity that not only makes them interesting but makes them a truly effective team. David is hugely proud to be able to nurture a company environment in which everyone not only feels excepted but in which they work hard to support and inspire each other.