Dario Grandich

Director, Parallax

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Dario is a co-founder of Parallax, where he spearheads impactful digital transformation programs for clients worldwide. With a proven track record of success, Dario has partnered with diverse organisations spanning various industries. He has worked closely with prominent global FTSE100 companies, including Glencore and Unilever, as well as high-growth consumer brands such as Dr. Martens. Dario’s expertise extends to collaborating with startups and scale-ups, offering his broad knowledge and experience to help them thrive.

Having been born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Dario has embraced Leeds as his home while actively engaging in projects throughout London, Zurich and the US. As a proud generalist, he leverages his extensive background in different sectors and specializations to deliver tailored solutions that drive client success. Dario has an unwavering passion for empowering organisations through digital transformation and innovation.