Andrei Rakitski

Scrum Master, ACUE

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What I do at ACUE

I’m looking forward to helping ACUE’s clients in implementation of Scrum and Agile and contribute to the success of the company as much as I can.


Some interesting things about me

I spent a big part of my career managing high volume multinational businesses in hospitality industry. At some point I switched to agile and scrum and never looked back. Really enjoy working with teams and help them grow and deliver results. I do believe in quality, transparency, team work and leading by example.


Greatest Achievement

Once I agreed to run a Nuclear Race (similar to Tough Mudder but 100 times more exhausting) with a bunch of good friends. Making it to the finish felt like a miracle. Never done anything similar since 😆


Sport, Hobbies & Interests

I love to travel and big fan of tennis, do spend my time on a court when it comes to sports.