Alicia Richardson

Talent Partner, Hidden

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I love the feeling of accomplishment! Whether it’s for myself or those around me. During my time as a Talent Partner, I discovered that I love what I do because I’m constantly having a positive influence on someone else’s life through finding them a role that can impact their life and career long term. In addition, I thrive off being the person who acquires accurate talent to a business that will optimise overall business growth. I’m transparent, bubbly and a little unpredictable. I consider myself to be a valuable consultant to businesses and to candidates mainly because I mentor hiring managers on how to hire to get the best out of a candidate through sharing new recruitment practices and advising on how to retain staff once they’re hired. Additionally, I coach candidates throughout the entire recruitment process, if I’m unable to help a candidate with a role, I will spend time to explain where they can improve. I’ve worked with C-level stakeholders and trained a variety of staff within my previous roles.