Ade Yeo

Associate Creative Director, Media.Monks

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Ade (she/her/they) is a creative disruptor, tech nerd, and all-around what-if person.

Her favourite what-ifs are – What if we made experiences instead of ads? What if our industry could do more for the people who work in it, and as a result do more for the world?

Since joining the creative industry 10 years ago, Ade has been changing the way brands and people communicate. From getting a bank in Singapore to laugh at the absurdity of money, provoking women’s perceptions of body hair in Shanghai, to launching a skincare brand in the UK without ever showing skin, Ade’s creative sweet spot is in the combination of raw emotion, humour and futuristic innovation. Her work has been featured in Vice, Dazed, Campaign and LBB.